About Move Free Product introduction
Brand Vision

Guard everyone’s joint health to make more people enjoy life’s vitality movement and enjoy life freely.

Brand Purpose

Protecting people from the pain and inconvenience caused by joint health problems.

Physically, bringing vital movement, protect people from the physical pain caused by joint problems and let them enjoy life freely.

Psychologically, vital movement promotes interaction and spiritual communication between people so that they can keep staying cheerful.

Societally, delivering scientific concept and providing professional joint care solutions , which contributes to harmonious development of society.

Brand Mission

Awaken people‘s awareness of joint health care.

Deliver scientific knowledge of joint care.

Provide innovative and effective joint health solutions.

Promote the comprehensive development of joint health care industry.

Brand Values

Focus on joint health field and study the mechanism of ingredients by taking action on scientific methods. Follow the objective law of research, supported by professional US R&D team.


Build friendly and energetic brand image, spread easy-to-understand joint care knowledge to consumers. Care about human joint health and promote a healthy lifestyle.


Insist on all products coming from oversea , and win the trust of consumers by true WOM from all over the world. Treat consumers empathically, and implement brand social responsibility actively.


Explore the cutting-edge technology in the industry,and lead the upgrade of joint problem solutions. Study the underlying needs of consumers and constantly develop innovative joint care products.

Professional R&D Team

Looking back on our 85+ years of history, Move Free's parent brand Schiff has always been keen on exploring therapeutic methods from around the world and discovering high-quality ingredients supported by rigorous scientific research.

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World-Class Advanced Factory

The factory is certified by authoritative bodies such as the FDA, NSF, and MHRA.

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* All series of Move Free products are nutritional supplements, and cannot be used for diagnosing, treating or preventing diseases.

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